Enteric Film Coating System DMF

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EASCOLTM Enteric Release - EOBS68
Product Code Solvent System
EASCOL™-EOBS68 75%-80% Ethanol
The Formula
With polyacrylic resin as a key ingredient, EASCOL EOBS68 protects a drug from eroding in an acid environment and simplifies the coating process.
Main Features
• With less weight gain, an optimal appearance can be obtained;
• Has a superior masking effect;
• Has good anti-acid property which enables it to withstand gastric acid effectively for 2 hours with a 4%-6% weight gain;
• The membrane begins to dissolve when the pH value is above pH6.8;
• With its low viscosity, coating solutions are easily atomized;
• With 80% ethanol as a solvent, a high coating efficiency is achieved with low energy consumption;
• Various colors are available according to a customer’s request, and the colors are bright   and stable.
Main Benefits
• Makes your dosage form look more professional;
• Ensures a long period of storage especially in conditions of high humidity and temperature;
• A wide range of coating machines can be used with this system,so that no equipment investment is required;
• Improves production efficiency, reduces energy consumption and saves costs.
CAS No.:mixture
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland)
Grade Standard:Medicine Grade
Brand Name: EASCOL
Solvent : 75%-80%  Ethanol
Main Materials: Polyacrylic Resin
Color : According the customer request
Weight Gain:7%-10%
Packaging Details:
Net weight 10KG/Carton; Net 20KG/Carton;25KG/Barrel
Delivery Time: 13 days
Storage: Preserve in tight containers, keep it in dry place.
Validity: Two years. Enteric Film Coating System DMF

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